Location of Slovenia

Slovenia is situated in Central Europe and borders Austria on the north, Italy on the west, the Adriatic Sea on the southwest, Croatia on the south and east, and Hungary on the northeast. Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, covering an area of 20,273 square kilometres (that’s less than 0.004 % of the Earth’s surface area).

Location of Slovenia - it's situated in Central Europe
Location of Slovenia (dark green). Image by NuclearVacuum / CC BY-SA 3.0

Distance from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana to Europe’s cities:
CityAir Distance (in km)Driving distance (in km)Driving time
Trieste (Italy)729301 h 05 min (via A1/E70)
Zagreb (Croatia)11714001 h 34 min (via E70)
Venice (Italy)18324202 h 17 min (via A1/E70 and E70)
Salzburg (Austria)22428502 h 48 min (via A10)
Vienna (Austria)27838103 h 31 min (via A1/E57 and A2)
Verona (Italy)28134303 h 11 min (via E70)
Bratislava (Slovakia)30444804 h 00 min (via A1/E57 and A2)
Munich (Germany)32040503 h 57 min (A10 and A8)
Split (Croatia)32246704 h 41 min (via E71)
Budapest (Hungary)38146204 h 08 min (via A1/E57 and M7)
Brno (Czech Republic)38350704 h 54 min (via A1/E57 and A2)
Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)39354105 h 59 min (via E70)
Pisa (Italy)41455805 h 11 min (via E70)
Milan (Italy)41850604 h 36 min (via E70)
Novi Sad (Serbia)42351904 h 56 min (via E70)
Lugano (Switzerland)42956705 h 13 min (via E70)
Prague (Czech Republic)44770406 h 33 min (via A2 and D1/E65)
Genoa (Italy)47262905 h 44 min (via E70)
Zurich (Switzerland)47871807 h 02 min (via A10)
Belgrade (Serbia)48553204 h 43 min (via E70)
Rome (Italy)48975607 h 03 min (via A1/E35)
Vatican (Vatican)49076107 h 10 min (via A1/E35)
Stuttgart (Germany)50264006 h 03 min (via A10 and A8)
Turin (Italy)54263205 h 50 min (via E70 and A4)
Freiburg (Germany)54983107 h 39 min (via A8)
Bern (Switzerland)54984207 h 57 min (via E70 and A2)
Podgorica (Montenegro)55277308 h 42 min (via E71)
Basel (Switzerland)55279807 h 44 min (via E70 and A2)
Strasbourg (France)58177807 h 21 min (via A8)
Wroclaw (Poland)59290608 h 29 min (via A2)
Kosice (Slovakia)58874406 h 54 min (via M7)
Lausanne (Switzerland)60781607 h 54 min (via E70)
Leipzig (Germany)60883707 h 21 min (via A9)
Monaco (Monaco)61478607 h 06 min (via E70)
Frankfurt (Germany)62579907 h 20 min (via A3)
Nice (France)62780007 h 15 min (via E70)
Geneva (Switzerland)64580507 h 40 min (via A4)
Pristina (Kosovo)650104910 h 41 min (via A1 and E70)
Tirana (Albania)67792611 h 17 min (via E65)
Skopje (Macedonia)71496409 h 19 min (via A1 and E70)
Berlin (Germany)72399208 h 48 min (via A9)
Poznan (Poland)728108310 h 43 min (via A2)
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)75199409 h 14 min (via A6)
Bonn (Germany)75596508 h 28 min (via A3)
Hannover (Germany)783104009 h 13 min (via A7)
Sofia (Bulgaria)79492309 h 16 min (via E75 and E70)
Dortmund (Germany)796101208 h 59 min (via A45)
Warsaw (Poland)833105310 h 15 min (via A2)
Hamburg (Germany)894119810 h 26 min (via A7)
Brussels (Belgium)918119210 h 37 min (via A3)
Bucharest (Romania)926127513 h 41 min (via M7)
Paris (France)965124811 h 17 min (via A4 and A8)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)989123311 h 02 min (via A3)
Kaliningrad (Russia)1053140714 h 05 min (via A1)
Copenhagen (Denmark)1079139113 h 57 min (via A9)
Andorra La Vella (Andorra)1106143914 h 04 min (via E70)
Barcelona (Spain)1118146113 h 17 min (via E70)
Athens (Greece) 1177163415 h 40 min (via E75 and E70)
Vilnius (Lithuania)1220152616 h 20 min (via A2)
London (United Kingdom)1229154414 h 34 min (via A8)
Minsk (Belarus)1275161216 h 31 min (via A2)
Kyiv (Ukraine)1280159917 h 11 min (via M06)
Istanbul (Turkey)1293164116 h 38 min (via E70)
Riga (Latvia)1380172119 h 01 min (via A2)
Stockholm (Sweden)1496203520 h 45 min (via E4 and A9)
Oslo (Norway)1562198520 h 34 min (via A9)
Madrid (Spain)1600206218 h 36 min (via E70)
Tallinn (Estonia)1637203722 h 57 min (via E67)
Ankara (Turkey)1637209120 h 55 min (via E70)
Helsinki (Finland)1714212426 h 00 min (via E67)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)1863222526 h 00 min (via E95/М20)
Moscow (Russia)1934232225 h 00 min (via М1)
Porto (Portugal)1935246422 h 14 min (via E70)
Gibraltar (Gibraltar)1989257923 h 31 min (via AP-7)
Lisbon (Portugal)2098261523 h 30 min (via A-62)
Tbilisi (Georgia)2461327636 h 00 min (via E80)
Yerevan (Armenia)2508327736 h 00 min (via D100)
Kazan (Russia)2625314836 h 00 min (via М1)
Baku (Azerbaijan)2910386443 h 00 min (via E80)
Omsk (Russia)4150501261 h 00 min (via Ural/М5)
Novosibirsk (Russia)4741566569 h 00 min (via Ural/М5)

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