Welcome to Piran, the prettiest town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia

Introducing Piran

The charming coastal town of Piran is a medieval jewel on the Adriatic coast, situated at the cape of the peninsula on the northern side of Istria, with Italy on the horizon. Since being part of the Republic of Venice, it has a rich cultural heritage and the close Venetian influence is immediately apparent in its architecture with the narrow winding streets, houses huddled close together, rising in cascades, beautiful squares and churches and breathtaking sea views. Piran is actually one of the best preserved medieval sites in Europe, with a wealth of monuments and architectural gems, including the Venetian House, the Courthouse, the Town Hall and the Maritime Museum. A visit to a picturesque area of narrow streets in the historic town centre is like a trip to a life-size, open-air museum.

The social center of the town is definitely the Tartini Square. This oval-shaped marble square is an excellent spot to hang out, drink a coffee or beer in one of the many out-door cafes, devour your ice cream and look around for interesting spots to explore. In the middle there’s a larger-than-life statue of Giuseppe Tartini, a Piran-born and world famous violin player and composer. To the right is the red Venetian House which is a fine example of Venetian Gothic architecture. The Tartini Square is also the cultural centre of the town and hosts many concerts and cultural events throughout the year.

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Yes, of course, there are beaches too in Piran. Not sandy ones, but those who are more interested in swimming in the sea, which is very clean, will be perfectly pleased with the cement beaches. When you’ve had enough of swimming and sunbathing, you won’t have far to go to find a good spot for lunch or dinner. Just head for the promenade which is lined with restaurants, cafes and ice-cream parlors. There is also an aquarium for younger visitors. The town is closed to traffic during the summer season (covered parking garages are available at town access points), so one can enjoy car-free promenade along the sea!

Essential to the experience of a small seaside town is the seafood dining. Here one can find an abundance of restaurants with fresh delights and spectacular panorama’s of the sea. Because Slovenia has such a varied history of being at the crossroads of central Europe, food is eclectic and tasty. Many dishes are a blend of Italian, German, Slovenian and Croatian elements. Thus one can experience excellent seafood pastas, delicious desserts and many fresh herbs and vegetables too.

Piran is well worth visiting, especially during the summer, spring and early autumn months, but possibly the best time to visit this charming coastal town is September and October when the number of tourists has dwindled, when the days are no longer stifling hot and when the sea is still nice and pleasantly warm. At this time of year, you’ll have the city almost to yourself. The summer months of June, July and August are best for water sports and activities, but particularly in August Piran is full of Italian tourists.

It’s said that once you have visited Piran you will never forget it.

Piran Pictures

View our image gallery with 23 high-resolution photos that prove you absolutely have to visit Piran!

Four photos below by Dejan Hudoletnjak
An elevated view of the coastal town of Piran, Slovenia from the town walls at sunset
A beautiful elevated view from the town walls.

View of the coastal town of Piran and its main Tartini Square from the harbor
Piran represents coastal Slovenia at its most charming.

The tiny but very pretty Piran Harbour with numerous small fishing boats and sailboats
The tiny but very pretty Piran harbor.

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Piran waterfront at sunset
Waterfront at sunset.

Next 2 photos below by Luka Esenko
Tartini Square in Piran is very picturesque, surrounded by Venetian buildings with beautiful architecture displayed
The Tartini Square in the heart of the town.

The charming coastal town of Piran basking in the evening light
Piran basking in the evening light.

Next 5 photos below by Daniel Tomanovic
View of the Piran harbour on a cloudy day
A view from the harbour on a cloudy day.

View of the Piran harbour with the Tartini square in the background
A beautiful view from the harbour in the evening.

A seaside promenade of the town of Piran, Slovenia
The Seaside Promenade is a perfect place to take a stroll, especially after a nice meal at one of the many great seafood restaurants in the Old Town.

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A view of the rocky waterfront in Piran, Slovenia
Rocky waterfront overlooking Piran

A beautiful elevated view of the coastal town of Piran, Slovenia
The town juts into the Adriatic Sea on a peninsula shaped like a spear point.

Photo by Piotr Skrzypiec
Beautiful elevated view of the Venetian town of Piran, Slovenia from the Castle Walls
Piran is a postcard-pretty coastal town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia.

Next 2 photos below by Branko Cesnik
The coastal town of Piran in Slovenia, located on a long and narrow peninsula
Perched on a long and narrow peninsula that juts out into the Adriatic Sea, Piran is an incredibly picturesque town that has managed to keep its relaxed historic charm.

Pastel-colored houses in the old town center of Piran in Slovenia
Piran’s main characteristics are its inviting atmosphere, relaxed vibe, colorful pastel-colored houses and narrow streets.

Next 2 photos below by Erich Reisinger
A beautiful view from the small harbour in Piran towards the Tartini square in the background
A beautiful view from the small harbour towards the Tartini square.

An elevated view of the coastal town of Piran, Slovenia
To the right, you can see Italy and, to the left, you can see Croatia.

Photo by Jernej Leben
Beautiful night view of Piran from the harbour
Another stunning night view from the harbour at night.

Places to stay in Piran, Slovenia

Next 2 photos below by Domen Dolenc
Waterfront of Piran, a beautiful coastal town in Slovenia
The stylish colored historic houses and a recognizable Venetian lighthouse tower.

Picturesque reflections in the Piran harbour, Slovenia
In the morning, the harbour is often still, allowing picturesque reflections.

Next 2 photos below by Gregor Kacin
The beautiful sea side promenade in the coastal town of Piran in Slovenia
Picturesque, charming, quaint, sweet, laid-back and peaceful are all ways one could describe the tiny slice of Adriatic coastline occupied by Piran.

A beautiful elevated view over Piran and the Adriatic Sea from the town walls
From the top of the walls you can look out over the whole town as well as over the Adriatic Sea.

Photo by Masa Vodenik
Piran lighthouse and houses at the waterfront, Slovenia
A rocky border lines the waterside.

Photo by Jure Kralj
Panorama of the seaside town of Piran, Slovenia
A beautiful panorama.

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Location of Piran on the map

Address: Tartinijev trg 1, 6330 Piran, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 45.528600, 13.568644
GPS coordinates: 45° 31′ 42.9600” N     13° 34′ 7.1184” E
Region: Littoral

Where to stay in Piran, Slovenia
The accommodation options in Piran, Slovenia can be divided into five main categories: hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, self catering apartments and hostels. All accommodations have been carefully selected, as being accommodations that achieve generally very good ratings in guest reviews, and in particular get a very good overall rating for value-for-money. Choose where to stay in Piran wisely to get the most from your break.
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11 thoughts on “Welcome to Piran, the prettiest town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia”

  1. Piran is a charming little town, still feels like a real place that people actually live in and the harbour is very beautiful. The view from the church and bell tower is amazing and great restaurants in the town as well.

  2. The town of Piran is quaint and beautiful. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, entertainment in the area.

  3. Piran is a charming, old town with lots to see and plenty of fantastic restaurants (our favourite was Pirat, by the marina, – delicious, fresh fish platter). We hired city bikes (no gears) from the hotel to cycle along the seafront to Portoroz and on to the salt pans in Secovlje and we travelled by bus to Izola. Although we enjoyed exploring further afield we were delighted that we had chosen to stay in Piran – it is by far the best place on the beautiful Slovenian coast.

  4. Piran is a tiny Venetian town with winding alleyways and many great bars and restaurants. It’s truly small but makes for a very relaxing place to wander around. As you’d expect there are several fish and seafood restaurants mostly offering similar fare. One tip is to go to the rooftop bar terrace at the art deco interior-styled Hotel Tartini (you don’t need to be a guest). At night this gives a fantastic view over Piran.

  5. Piran is such a gorgeous little town, with a beautiful harbor, colorful little houses and lots of restaurants along the sea. Many tourists say it’s like Slovenian Venice, so that should be added.

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