Slovenia Is Becoming One Of The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In Europe

Slovenia is situated in Central Europe and shares borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, picturesque Slovenia is blessed with spectacular mountains and an Adriatic coastline. You can have one eye on the Adriatic Sea, then look in the other direction and be surrounded by hills and mountains of the Slovenian Alps. Distances between places in Slovenia are really short and within a single day you can visit the Slovenian coast and experience the Mediterranean climate or visit the mountainous region of Gorenjska and experience the Alpine and continental climate. The changing landscape is constantly surprising, and from the top of the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav (2,864 m) you can see coastline of Adriatic Sea if weather is nice. And that’s exactly the reason why visiting Slovenia can be a great choice for both, summer or winter holidays, with great winter sports architecture and remarkable mountains and, at the same time, the position on the coast of the sea.

This proximity of opposites and contrasts is a hallmark of Slovenia, which boasts many natural attractions located all over the country in very different habitats. The picturesque Mediterranean towns on the Adriatic coast, the pure and intact nature in the idyllic Triglav National Park in Slovenian Alps, the most beautiful glacial lakes Bled and Bohinj, the mysterious Karst region with native Lipizzaner horses and one of the most significant cave systems in the world, the beautiful wine growing regions of Primorska and Posavje and the small but charming capital Ljubljana with its cobbled streets, beautiful baroque architecture and medieval castle dominating the city. The fact that the third of the country is part of European Network Natura 2000 protected areas, gives you an insight in how beautiful Slovenia really is.

Slovenia is situated at the historical and geographical crossroads of western, northern and southern Europe, so it is not a surprise that it’s well connected to the rest of the continent in all directions, and by all means of transport. It’s just a few hours travel from Venice or Vienna. Slovenia is easy to reach from neighbouring countries (Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary), with good road and rail links, and daily flights from numerous European cities. As a maritime nation, Slovenia can also be reached by sea. Slovenia gained independence in 1990 and is an EU member and in the Eurozone with the currency of Euro. Time is CET (same as western Europe). The official language is Slovene (from the group of Slav languages), though English is spoken throughout major cities and tourist destinations and many Slovenians also speak German and Italian.

If we need to describe Slovenia in just one word, it would be the one that people often use in travel writing: beautiful, extraordinary, amazing, charming, lovely. Small, but so extremely interesting. Slovenian Tourism board advertises the country with the slogan ‘I feel sLOVEnia’. And the ones who have opportunity to visit Slovenia, find out that love is truly the main feeling you can get on the streets throughout major cities and tourist sites across the country. Slovenia is also considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Theft and violence are extremely rare. Wherever you are, even late at night in the cities, you can have no cause for concern.

Whether you come to Slovenia for an active holiday, a family trip, business meeting, quick weekend away or any other reason, we promise you won’t leave disappointed.

Panorama of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia’s largest city, is one of the youngest and most liveable capitals in the European Union. (photo: Luka Esenko)

Aerial view of Lake Bled with the Church of the Assumption of Mary on the island
With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts. (photo: Jure Korber and Tjasa Borsnak)

Beautiful elevated view of the Venetian town of Piran, Slovenia from the Castle Walls
Piran is a postcard-pretty coastal town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. (photo: Piotr Skrzypiec)

Slovenia’s best and most beautiful places to visit, explore and stay
Ljubljana SloveniaLJUBLJANA – the small but beautiful capital of Slovenia
Slovenia's capital Ljubljana has all the right ingredients for the perfect city break. It's one of the youngest and most liveable capitals in the European Union. It’s a city with a medieval heart, a city of the Baroque and Art Nouveau, with numerous picturesque bridges across the Ljubljanica river and the vast green Tivoli park, which stretches into the very city centre.
Lake Bled SloveniaBLED – possibly the most beautiful and remarkable Alpine resort in Europe
With an incredibly beautiful glacial lake surrounded by the peaks of the Slovenian Alps, an iconic church nestled in a tiny island in the middle of the lake and a medieval Gothic castle built on a 100-meter cliff overlooking the lake, Bled is possibly the most beautiful and remarkable Alpine resort in Europe.
Piran SloveniaPIRAN – the gem of the Adriatic Sea located in Slovenian Istria
The charming coastal town of Piran is a medieval jewel on the Adriatic coast, situated at the cape of the Piran peninsula on the northern side of Istria, with Italy on the horizon. Since being part of the Republic of Venice, Piran has a rich cultural heritage and the close Venetian influence is immediately apparent in its architecture with the narrow winding streets, houses huddled close together, rising in cascades, beautiful squares and churches and breathtaking sea views.
Maribor SloveniaMARIBOR – the city of wine, friendly people and great sights and monuments
Maribor is a beautiful city filled with lots of friendly people and wonderful sights and monuments. It is Slovenia’s second largest city and the economic, educational, cultural and sports centre of the north-eastern part of the country. At the same time Maribor is an ideal base for tourists from which to discover what eastern Slovenia has to offer.
Portoroz SloveniaPORTOROZ – the most vivid beach resort on the Slovenian Adriatic coast
Portoroz (Italian: Portorose, literally ‘Port of Roses’) is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast with beneficial Mediterranean climate that invigorates you and makes you want to come back for more. Portoroz, together with its surroundings, has always been associated with health and spa treatments. The beneficial effects of sea water and salt on human health were known here as early as the 13th century.
Ptuj SloveniaPTUJ – the oldest town in Slovenia and one of the oldest of whole Europe
Set on the Drava river, Ptuj is a charming old town with beautiful historic buildings (which are all protected as monuments), many interesting churches and monasteries, lovely squares, a medieval castle built in the mid-12th century, Slovenia’s oldest wine cellar, a lovely thermal spa, lots of storks nesting on its red-tile roofs and one of the most impressive carnivals in Europe called Kurentovanje, which draws tens of thousands of visitors each year!
Kranjska Gora SloveniaKRANJSKA GORA – the most famous Slovenian ski resort and a beautiful alpine village
Kranjska Gora is a beautiful alpine village and the most famous Slovenian ski resort situated on the northern tip of the Triglav National Park in the Slovenian Alps, just a mere 5 minutes by car from both the Italian and Austrian borders. The resort isn’t the largest ski area in Slovenia but it’s the oldest one and one of the prettiest. It’s perfect for families with younger children and also for beginner and intermediate level skiers, with pistes easily accessible directly from the center of Kranjska Gora.
Izola SloveniaIZOLA – a warm-spirited old fishing town on the Slovenian coast
Slovenia’s coastline lays on the beuatiful Adriatic Sea, but despite its short length of a little more than 45 kilometres, it’s very attractive and every one of the towns along it has a distinctive and different character and layout. And Izola is no exception. It’s a romantic little Venetian port town with beautiful old architecture and breathtaking nature.
Novo Mesto SloveniaNOVO MESTO – Slovenia’s 7th largest city and also the capital of the Dolenjska region
Novo Mesto is the capital of the Lower Carniola (Slovene: Dolenjska) region of Slovenia and the economic, educational, cultural business and sports centre of the south-eastern part of the country. The town is perched snugly on a very sharp and extremely scenic bend of the Krka River. With a population of about 23,000, it’s the seventh largest city in Slovenia.
Koper SloveniaKOPER – the largest city on the Slovenian coast
Koper or Capodistria as it is called in Italian shows two faces to the world: one is a modern, loud and busy industrial part of the city with the only commercial port in Slovenia. The other is the charming small Old Town with the lovely square of Titov Trg and late medieval and early Renaissance buildings, such as the Praetorian Palace, the Loggia Palace and the Cathedral of the Assumption built in Venetian styles.
Bovec SloveniaBOVEC – the adventure tourism capital of Slovenia
The friendly and relaxed town of Bovec is the adventure tourism capital of Slovenia. Situated in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled valleys in Europe, the River Soca valley, Bovec is packed with travel agencies offering a large variety of water activities, including white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, canyoning and hydrospeeding. Besides being a haven for water-sports enthusiasts, Bovec also attracts nature lovers and those seeking rest and relaxation.
Strunjan SloveniaSTRUNJAN – an old salt-making village on the Slovenian Adriatic
Strunjan is a charming old salt-making village on Slovenian coast, located between the magnificent Venetian old town of Piran and the charming old fishing town of Izola. Strunjan lies in the Strunjan bay, which is known as one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic with more than 2300 hours of sun a year. There’s a public beach and a rougher, more difficult to access beach within walking distance. It offers numerous possibilities for sports and leisure and there are lovely views of Piran, good walks, tennis courts and a mini golf playground.
Podcetrtek SloveniaPODCETRTEK – the most modern Slovenian thermal spa resort and a charming village
Podcetrtek is a charming village on Slovenia’s eastern border with Croatia in Obsotelj, the heart of Kozjansko, where most people come to relax at the Terme Olimia thermal spa. Pampering in an excellent hotel, relaxation with massages, the oriental rituals of the Turkish bath, a rest in a Japanese garden or green garden after one of nine different kinds of sauna, bathing in silicon-rich water, the outdoor thermal park, great recreational options, clean air and tranquility – these are just some of the pleasures that await you in the midst of the beautiful countryside in Podcetrtek.
Moravske Toplice SloveniaMORAVSKE TOPLICE – a friendly village best known for its health spa resort Terme 3000
Moravske Toplice is a small, but very friendly village surrounded by unspoilt nature and blessed with an abundance of thermal mineral water, which is known to have several beneficial effects on human health. The village is located in the northeastern corner of Slovenia in the middle of the Prekmurje region, which is known as the breadbasket or the granary of Slovenia because rolling corn and wheat fields cover much of the fertile land.

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