Welcome to Portoroz, the most vivid beach resort on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia

Introducing Portoroz

Portoroz or Portorose as it is called in Italian is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast with beneficial Mediterranean climate that invigorates you and makes you want to come back for more. Portoroz, together with its surroundings, has always been associated with health and spa treatments. The beneficial effects of sea water and salt on human health were known here as early as the 13th century. It was officially declared a health resort at the end of the 19th century.

With it’s lively and relaxed atmosphere the resort attracts tourists from everywhere, the young and old alike, the rich tourists, as well as weekend tourists. Sea, wind, salt, Mediterranean aromas, palm trees, roses and evergreens, relaxation, fun and friendliness are the words that best describe the city. There are infinite possibilities to spend an amazing time and everyone can find something for himself or herself.

Places to stay in Slovenia

Small and stylish, the resort offers a wide range of different hotel accommodations, modern conference facilities, numerous event venues, tasty local cusine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options. It has something for everyone. It’s a beautiful, walkable place with short distances between all the venues, which allows you to reach all the activities, business, social and cultural sites on foot.

Portoroz is also a well-known convention center that hosts prominent international meetings and events throughout the year. It has many seminar and convention halls, some of which can accommodate more than a thousand people at a time.

Also, the resort is a great choice for those who want to do things and see many places during their holiday. In the immediate vicinity lies Piran, a picturesque town with a medieval centre and one of the most romantic and bohemian cities in Slovenia. It is also a great staring point to visit Italy with less than two hours to Venice, Aquila, Trieste, Verona and several other famous historical cities. From Portoroz you can easily access Rovinj, the heritage town on Croatian coast and then continue your way to Plitvice, Zadar and Split.

Places to stay in Portoroz that we recommend
The accommodation options in Portoroz can be divided into five main categories: hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, apartments and hostels.
Portoroz hotels

Portoroz is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast and has over 25 hotels which cater to every taste and budget. Find out which are the ones that we recommend and why.
Portoroz guest houses

Portoroz guest houses are a fun, economical stay. While guest houses aren't fancy, most are waterfront and offer good value for money if you want a house-like setting.
Portoroz apartments

Apartments are a great option when you are staying in Portoroz, Slovenia. You can cook your own meals, do your own laundry and enjoy the feeling of having your own space while on holiday.
Portoroz bed and breakfasts

Portoroz bed and breakfasts are excellent accommodation options when it comes to staying in this vibrant seaside resort in Slovenia. Portoroz B&Bs are usually owned by individuals, who take a more hands-on approach to managing their properties and strive to ensure that their guests are content.
Portoroz hostels

Portoroz hostels are a low-budget accommodation shared among travelers and backpackers. Portoroz hostels tend to lend to more interaction, cost much less than a hotel, but do not provide the privacy or personal service found at a hotel, B&B or guest house.

Portoroz Pictures

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A beautiful panorama of Portoroz, Slovenia
A beautiful panoramic shot.

Portoroz is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast
Portoroz is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast.

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PORTOROZ (12 pictures)
Portoroz Slovenia

Portoroz is the most important tourist centre on the Slovenian coast with beneficial Mediterranean climate.

Location of Portoroz on the map

Address: Obala 1, 6320 Portoroz, Slovenia
Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 45.514309, 13.589178
GPS coordinates: 45° 30′ 51.5124” N     13° 35′ 21.0408” E
Region: Littoral

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Portoroz, the most vivid beach resort on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia”

  1. Portoroz is lovely and has lots of good restaurants and a wonderful walkway. We did day trips to the caves in Postojna and the horses at Lipica.

  2. Portoroz is more modern town, but not without charm. You can merrily walk along the seafront and take a drink or two or three in one of the many lovely bars. When we were there we found the woman’s Wimbledon tennis final on at the tennis club at the far end of the town, which made for a very entertaining afternoon. All the locals we met were extremely nice and friendly and mostly speak great English – the same goes for the tour guides and hotel staff.

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